25 Day Christmas Challenge Day 17

Due to tiredness I managed to post day 18’s prompt yesterday, so today is the missing post.

Prompt 17: Presents

I am actually a little ahead on my present buying this year and have managed to get both my “Mother In-law” and partner their gifts well in advance. Mum, Dad and Nan I will do over the weekend/Monday.

For various reasons I haven’t had as many presents to buy this year, partially because of the various issues Covid and Lockdown has caused and partially due to the sands of time themselves. Amy is still currently out of my life, Katherine and I have drifted more and more, big Hannah is happily married and has moved again… And the Wheeled One, well this was the response to my last gift to her

What a charmer 😛

3 thoughts on “25 Day Christmas Challenge Day 17

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