25 Day Christmas Challenge Day 25

And now the end is here and so face Christmas Day

Day 25: Christmas Morning

“I find it amusing that as a well-known masterthief your last activity made you the opposite of the Grinch,” Arthur declared as if he were presenting an award not pouring his guest a very generous measure of Port.

“Come now Arthur,” Gervase smiled, accepting the drink. “by now you should now I’m a bounder not a villain.”

“The eyes of the law would not see it that way, but then neither would they see the ends justifying the means on this occasion.” Arthur sat down in his favourite armchair positioned in front of the fire place. Gervase sat on the opposing chair and offered his host a cigar, which naturally, was accepted.

“I wouldn’t normally drink at this time of the morning,” said Gervase taking an aggerated sip from his glass.

“I think doing the nightshift allows us a bit of leeway,” smiled Arthur. “Besides, it is Christmas Morning.”

“This tall tale is going to be a different source of conversation for Luncheon later, I can’t quite believe we pulled it off.”

“But we did, and now many kids will have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year.”

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