Sleepy Time Guy

Unsurprisingly Blighty is back in National Lockdown because the tier system was so wonderfully effective, they should have instigated lockdown from Boxing Day. Because of the lockdown regs it means that I won’t be able to see Heather for a bit because despite her being in my social bubble where she lives will probably not be classified as being local to one another, still best be that I can’t see her for a bit then never again. Talking of Heather, while walking the dogs on Sunday, for reasons I cannot recall the dreaded C-word came up, yes somehow Children became the topic of conversation and after discussing some personal issues I played the wild card to dismiss the notion of it likely to happen by bringing up potential names, so I do believe that Social Services would step in upon discovering the names we suggested. Just in case my suggested boys names were Thelonius (as in Monk, a name which is Sian approved), Bix, Algernon, and Adric… the latter being Heather approved.

Since I mentioned the lovely Sian I still haven’t heard anything from her and I am taking that as good news, but knowing my best history with her, if she calls I would come a running and like a narcissistic contortionist I will end up buggering myself in the process.

I don’t know if it is stress, anxiety or lack of activity but the last few nights sleep has been eluding me, even with my sleepy time playlist activated. Last night I didn’t drop off until gone 4am and woke at 9:30, so I figured that tonight would be a nice early, no such luck as I am wide awake typing this at 3am.

Hope you are all well.

And Finally
Sian ensured thst her wedding in August was extremely Covid Secure, even the cake was in Tiers

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