Sandman’s Horticultural Q and A

Just a small Q and A with a different theme. If you want to take part you can either answer in the comments, or create your own post and link back to this one with a pingback.

The Questions

Do you have any house plants?

Are they located throughout the house or mostly in one room?

What would you be growing right now if you could?

My Answers

No, because I own two rather excitable Border Terriers who would knock them over as the only real places with sufficient light are the front window ledges.

N/A see above

Inside plants, I would favour something that has a pleasing aroma and possibly a Venus Fly Trap. I have a couple of plots in the garden for which I use to grow some vegetables and Strawberries in the summer, I also have Tomato plants in the green house (actual Tomato Plants, not “Tomato” Plants). I did toy with growing some winter flowers to lighten up the Garden but decided not to on this occasion.

3 thoughts on “Sandman’s Horticultural Q and A

  1. I do have houseplants. They are all near windows. The ones doing the best are the mother in laws tongue and ivy. My spider plants went nuts and I moved them outside.

    A funny story. I moved one plant from upstairs to the living room. It wasn’t doing as well as before. On an early morning run to the hardware store I figured I would get a plant light. I had one many years ago. The store employee said he was sure he had one. He then took me to where they had grow lights. I had to explain that I was uninterested in growing houseplants, not marijuana.

    I have citronella plants outside. I wish there was enough light inside to grow them. The mosquitos eat me alive.

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