Truthful Tuesday 19th January 2021

It’s time for PCGuyIV’s Truthful Tuesday once again.

When you come across dead links, either in your existing posts or in comments on your blog, do you try to fix or delete them, or do you just let them be, and why?

If I can fix them I do try to where possible, but to certain degree it depends on the age of the post and the initial content. If it is an older post with a writing prompt link I would probably leave it be because it does add a sense of site history, plus normally all the relevant info is on my post.

However if the link is of very important to the post I will either correct or edit the post. If of course I have come across the link… After all I have years worth of individual posts and I don’t revisit them all.

One thought on “Truthful Tuesday 19th January 2021

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