Sandman’s Thursday Writing Challenge #3

Thursday is the Sandman’s Writing Challenge Day for the period in which the UK is in lockdown. Each Thursday I will set a prompt for you to work on. There are no style restrictions but if you are going for length I do suggest that you split it over a number of posts for ease of digestion.

If you want to take part, follow the prompt and link back to this one with a pingback or leave a link in the comments section. Tag your post SWC, or Sandman’s Writing Challenge, and please make sure that you put in “consumer advice” for adult material such as strong and discriminatory language, sexualised material, violence and gore, or trigger warnings for sensitive materials.

Please note that all links will be manually approved and I reserve the right to not approve any post

As this week saw the regime change in the USA I was tempted to use that as a theme, but I feel that it is a bit too topical for this series at this time, after all this is supposed to be a distraction.

So Challenge Today, should you choose to accept it, is this:

Opening Night

You are the owner/manager of a new restaurant and it is your launch night. You are staffed up and ready to open the doors, not only are you inviting in the public but you also have the local press and the Mayor attending. You march up to the doors, unlock them and access is granted to the Public…

What happens next?

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