Ice Station Sandman

It has been another cold week with a bit of snow but nothing overly dramatic in my locale, it has mostly been too cold for snow though. The plus side there being I have been able to don the Gregory Porter hat to keep my lugs warm and just generally look awesome when walking in the cold.

I have finally finished “Gulliver’s Travels” after losing momentum in the third part of the book. The fourth part, with the civilised horses and the beastly Yahoos was a vast improvement but again too much time was spent on explaining England to the new set of people and rather unsubtly embodies the author’s views. Thinking of the character of Gulliver it becomes apparent he is a bit of a git really as he constantly naffs off from wife home shortly after returning and in the case of the final part leaves while she is expecting. Again I am presenting the theory that Gulliver is just going out, getting smashed, causing disruption and being thrown in the slammer.

My new read is a lesser known novel from the godfather of British science fiction HG Wells called the Food of the Goods, and if it is going down the route I think it is, it will prove to be very much ahead of its time.

Ben has quite surprisingly sprang to life of an evening and has started wanting to come out for walks at night which is nice, though I think he might be looking for Heather and hoping to find on a walk. The other day I nipped out to get some shopping I had forgotten and upon my return he was very disappointed not to see Heather and I am sure he gave me a stare saying “what game is this? Going out in the car on a non-shopping day and not bringing back Heather.”

Ben and his favourite hooman just before Xmas

A couple of weeks ago I received a belated Xmas gift from my friend Alan (the guy with the Dalek) which was a book from the Black Archive on the Doctor Who story Robots of Death. The Black Archive is a series of books critical evaluating individual stories from the entire televised history of Doctor Who in a far more academic (for want of a better word) manner. A good thing about receiving items from Alan is that you can guarantee that his parcels will be very securely packaged against damage in transit, perhaps Hermes should take note. There was a little unexpected bonus on the inside of the book which was quite nice.

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