FOWC: Life Behind A Lense

Fandango’s One Word Challenge: Direction

The prompt today got me thinking of some of my favourite directors and it occurred to me that film directors tend to over shadow the work of the humble TV director. It is a bit silly as a number of directors cut their directorial teeth on TV Shows: Ridley Scott was a staff director at the BBC and directed episodes of “Adam Adamant Lives!”, Martin Campbell, who directed Daniel Craig’s debut as 007 in Casino Royale, directed episodes the action series “CI5: The Professionals”, and Robert Fuest of Dr Phibes fame directed episodes of “the Avengers.”

So here is a short list of my favourite TV directors in no particular order with a note to some of the shows I have seen their work in:

Douglas Camfield Doctor Who, CI5 the Professionals, The Nightmare Man, Blake’s 7

Peter Hammond: The Avengers, Tales of the Unexpected, The Return/Casebook/Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

Leslie Norman: The Avengers, (Return of) The Saint, Department S, The Persuaders.

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