This Weekend in Jazz Streaming

As my last streaming advice was rather on the short side, here is a list of some of the Jazz Livestreams taking place this Bank Holiday Weekend. Saturday 1st May 2pm Pianist Joe Webb and Bassist Will Sach are teaming up once again and this week's theme is the music of possibly the greatest Jazz … Continue reading This Weekend in Jazz Streaming

Fibbing Friday 30th April

It is time for Frank's Fibbing Friday What’s the difference between “going on holiday” and “taking a vacation”? Pretentiousness What’s the difference between a “rubbish bin” and a “trash can”? The first is a bin which is a bit crap, the latter is a bit of very bad tasteWhat’s the difference between the “boot” of … Continue reading Fibbing Friday 30th April


Over April many bloggers did an A - Z challenge, I myself for numerous reasons didn't take part, but decided to do something for the month of May. I will be starting my A to Z from Monday the 3rd as opposed to the start of May.

5 Things: Bread Rolls

Dr Tanya aka Salted Caramel asks us about our favourite bread rolls today 1. Basic Floured White Bap- good for dipping in soup or to make a sandwhich 2. Brioche 3. Hot Cross Buns- bit of a cheat I know as it is a sweet bread 4. Mini French Bread 5. Crushy Hot Dog Rolls