Truthful Tuesday

It is Tuesday, so that means the opposite of Fibbing Friday and today’s tome of Truth is one which is a bone of contention for many users it would appear.

How have you adapted to the complete removal of the classic editor from Are you managing to get by with the block editor, or are you finding it difficult to want to blog now that your trusted tool is no longer available?

After initial dislike, yes I have got use to the block editor and have found it surprisingly more useful as I have gone along. Since I write a significant amount of stuff on my phone or tablet I have found that the blocks make highlighting for font changes, restructuring the page, deleting chunks etc is now much easier.

The desktop variety is a bit OTT on menu options and I do miss the side bar for Tags, Categories and deployment services but now it is here I am used to it.

One thought on “Truthful Tuesday

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