5 Things what Spring Means to you

As I was busy going up a hill yesterday getting both sunshine and hail, I didn’t get around to doing my 5 Things.

Dr Tanya has Spring Fever and asks what are 5 things Spring means to you.

1. Gardening

Spring means it is time to start back in the garden. Starting off with mowing the lawn, weeding and making any necessary repairs to structure. Then it is time to get planting flowers, fruits and vegetables.

2. Beer Gardens

My entourage for the Bridgnorth Jazz festival 2019

As spring arrives it also means getting the parasols out of storage and populating the pub beer garden with them as we welcome the arrival of the outside drinkers and, more importantly, their canine compatriots.

3. Ice Cream Vans

This is the time of year that you begin to see the Mr Whippy vans appear on streets.

4. Hedgehogs

Hedgehogs begin to emerge now which means that I have to keep the dogs on a tight lead as they seem to have a big grudge on the spikey ones.

5. Late Evening Walks

As the nights get longer it means that the dogs get a longer and more varied evening walk as it is viable to take them out in the park.

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