Fibbing Friday 16th April

It is time to lie to Frank

  1. What exactly is a “Five and Dime”? Six types of confectionary, five which are great and another one.
  2. What gets sold at a ”General Store”? Miniature high ranking soliders
  3. Why are they called “Department Stores”? Because indoor markets sounded too plebeian
  4. What’s so convenient about a “Convenience Store”? Nothing, not one of them sells a toilet
  5. What is a “Blue Light Special”? An ambulance code for strobe light induced epileptic shock
  6. Why do some people call all soda, “Coke”?Due to a subliminal messages from a certain cola company
  7. What franchise is nicknamed “The Home of the Whopper”? The Houses of Parliament
  8. Which franchise claims to be “Finger-lickin’ Good”? Spambury’s
  9. What does “IHOP” stand for? What a rabbit describes his motion as
  10. What does “Scattered, Smothered, and Covered” mean? That Frank Sinatra was correct to reject the first draft of his song which was to become “Bewitched, Bothered and Bewildered”.

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