First Line Friday:

“It only takes a little bit of lace to ruin a marriage, One-Ten said not raising her head from the desk where she was studying a file intently.

“I beg your pardon?” I asked wondering if One-Ten was cracking up.

“A marriage… Especially one in the public eye is very finely balanced and even something as lightweight as lace can tip the scales.” One-Ten looked up, her eyes narrow and cold. She pushed a green file towards me. “You will be aware that the governor of Astrokahnovich and her husband are coming to Britain on a goodwill mission.”

I opened the file, it contained a series of monochrome photos of the happy couple, some written details of the security for the visit and general profiling information. “Seems legit.”

One-Ten tutted, “take a look at the dinner party photo. Note the two men either side of the main table.”

I studied the two figures, they weren’t typical bodyguards for local government. “So one of them is KGB.”

“Yes, so I don’t want them staying on British Soil very long. A public embarrassment will be enough to put the couple on an out going flight, and if any of our bodyguards remain behind, this folder will change to red.”

I stroked my chin, “so I am going to plant some undergarments to imply infidelity…. I see now why you couldn’t get Arthur or David to do this job.”

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