I’m a lover of Jazz and Blues music, a regular pub goer with a taste for real ale, lover of classic films, vintage TV & Radio, and a bit of bookworm.

When not online I work as a bar and cellarman in a country pub, and when not working I like to attend live Jazz events in my local area, go for walks and generally meander my way through life.

The blog here is a bit of a mix with personal accounts, Fiction, and a mix of reviews across media filling the pages.

Where I can I try to write up gig reports for the numerous live Jazz gigs I manage to attend. Most of the gig reviews tend to be of bands of the Trad and Swing variety due to the immediate availability locally. This does not mean that I dislike other genres of course…

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  1. I often look in on your blog. I am married to a drummer-jazzer since 47 years, like if you don’t know the music you eventually do, become a fan and even know that it is Gatto Barbiere on the trumpet or not, although he is now out – I think. We went to New York, saw a lot, but yes, spent most of the evenings in the village in a jazz place somewhere. Mr. Swiss is now 75 years old, take a drum lesson now and again, plays a few gigs if the other golden oldies are up to it and, well, yes anything mainstream, modern (not too modern) he knows it all.

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    • Thanks for the follow. I have noted before you often comment on my Jazz related posts. I am yet to go to New York but I intend to, I did go to Chicago just under a decade back and called in on a few clubs.
      I am frequently amused by your own blog, both of them.


  2. Hi! I promised to share my thoughts on the opening episodes of Doctor Who Season 9 with you. Perhaps a seasoned fan like you can explain why I was not impressed? Don’t get me wrong, the idea that Doctor saved Davos instead of killing him when he had the chance, is a powerful one and a deep pond for more episodes. And Capaldi is a good actor – pleasure to watch! But my expectations have buy far exceeded the reality of the episodes šŸ˜¦ I feel season 9 will be like an old dear but very boring friend. What say you?


    • I enjoyed the opening story but I feel it is a bit continuity heavy which will probably alienate some casual viewers. The season has a good mix of story styles with a nice ghost story, a Viking romp and peroid piece (more or less) and an interesting episode which could be looked on as addressing the current terrorism state


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