FOWC: Question Session

Mrs A here, Sandman's have a busy week and is not feeling 100%, so he has me to do a quick post. Since I am a gregarious woman I thought I would open a question session for you. Ask me any question you like and I will answer, but be warned I may ask something … Continue reading FOWC: Question Session


Gig Report: Chris Pearce’s Frenchmen Street Jazzmen 15th September 2019

Chris Pearce was hired by Jazz Club 90 fill a gap in the schedule and he decided to revive the Frenchmen Street Jazz band for occasion, the players here were somewhat older than those of Jukes Jazz Society but there were a few similarities between the two... well two of the band also came from … Continue reading Gig Report: Chris Pearce’s Frenchmen Street Jazzmen 15th September 2019

All the Fun of the Fair



“You see that girl?”

“The one in purple on the Carousel?” Queried Arthur in a tone suggesting how he regarded the question. “No, I have been watching the Carousel for six minutes and have failed to notice her.”

“Alright Mr Grumpy,” answered the young man. “I was merely going to ask how you know her.”

“She’s my friend,” answered Arthur.

“She looks a bit young-”

“Well she used to date my niece,” Arthur cut in with a smile. “I also believe has derailed your plan.”

“I guess so,” said the young man. “See you around.” The young man doffed an imaginary hat and strolled off. Arthur smiled and lent in his umbrella and watched Liz on the ride for a bit longer. It had been a good day out so far, despite the bathroom incident. The ride came to it’s natural end and Liz joined Arthur.

“Who was that?” She…

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