Sandman’s Thursday Writing Challenge #3

Thursday is the Sandman’s Writing Challenge Day for the period in which the UK is in lockdown. Each Thursday I will set a prompt for you to work on. There are no style restrictions but if you are going for length I do suggest that you split it over a number of posts for ease … Continue reading Sandman’s Thursday Writing Challenge #3

A January Walk or Two

As is my usual pattern, I took my permitted exercise around 9pm last night and took little Missy Dog for her evening constitutional. I'd heard the rain on the window coming down heavy so I had wrapped up warm, but upon opening the door I learnt it was not rain falling. It wasn't overly dramatic … Continue reading A January Walk or Two

Souper Man

Dr Tanya presents a seasonal culinary theme for this week's 5 Things. 5 Favourite Winter Soups What better winter warmer than a steaming hot bowl of soup? It fills you up and warms the cockles of your heart. This is indeed a fortunate prompt as Soup is one of my favourite foods, and had multiple … Continue reading Souper Man

Share Your World 18th Jan 2021

Why do we dream? Are we talking philosophically or in a more biological sense here? In a strictly biological sense I believe a popular theory is it our brains processing information and metaphorically uploading the results into our sub-conscious. Philosophically speaking I believe it is a motivational technique to have us push ourselves onward. reading Share Your World 18th Jan 2021