Quantum of Cinderford

Helloooooooo, Yes I am still here, much to your dismay I guess. So what has the Sandman been doing? Heather and I had a minor argument the other day as I had spent way too long looking up the Chibnal situation and getting nowhere fast but it is all sorted. We have been out for … Continue reading Quantum of Cinderford


Books have always been an integral part of my life ever since I learned to read, which admittedly was later than some of my peers, which I have aways put down to my complete lack of interest in the School Reading scheme of the time. I maintain that having an engaging source material is essential … Continue reading RDP:

3TC: Bookcase

The Library of Cygnus Omega is reported to be the greatest resources of knowledge available to non-temporally developed races. Books, documents and more from across the galaxies are stored within it's walls whether it be material dating back to the first cities in ancient Mesopotamia, the records of the shadows of the elemental spirits in tribal art of the outer rims to the hive mind of the … Continue reading 3TC: Bookcase