Hello faithful reader, I do hope you are well and have been busy- or at least as busy as the current circumstances allow anyway. It has all been a bit static and samey for me what with lockdown in full swing, but I guess it is the same for many more. I did toy with … Continue reading Static

Taking Root

Well Lockdown 3 is just proving that sequels really do have diminishing returns, this time I have even drunk beer a few nights earlier in the week, but that was mostly because it was left over from Xmas and I have no urge to go out and replace it once I have drunk it all. … Continue reading Taking Root

A Foggy Day

n true Bonfire Night temperature has dropped and fog is once more occupying the air reducing visibility and freezing skin, not that this has stopped the continual bombardment of fireworks the minute dusk descends upon these Salopian skies. The past few evenings have been full of screaming rockets, bangs and a lot of very distressed … Continue reading A Foggy Day