Of Mice and Sandmen

Remember how on Friday I mentioned how there had been a change in the plans and Heather was able to meet for a bonus day before she went to London? Well I planned to go just after lunchtime and spend a few hours with her, but just as I was about to set off she … Continue reading Of Mice and Sandmen


Haha This a-way

  This week has been a bit of a mixed week for me, it got off to a bit of a false start thanks to Heather forgetting that public transport in Shropshire is nowhere near as efficient as it down the smoke, meaning her arrival in Telford was an hour later then planned. This was … Continue reading Haha This a-way

3TC: Bookcase

The Library of Cygnus Omega is reported to be the greatest resources of knowledge available to non-temporally developed races. Books, documents and more from across the galaxies are stored within it's walls whether it be material dating back to the first cities in ancient Mesopotamia, the records of the shadows of the elemental spirits in tribal art of the outer rims to the hive mind of the … Continue reading 3TC: Bookcase