Open Not-Quite All Hours

Pretty much after my return from Oxford it was obvious that there was change coming in the air quite soon for the Pub trade as a whole, the obvious one being the new 10pm curfew on Pubs and Restaurants following on from the introduction of the rule of six. In all honesty the earlier finish … Continue reading Open Not-Quite All Hours

30 Day Book Challenge #Day 30

It's the end, but the moment has been prepared for.... This is the last day of my 30 Day Book Challenge and this is the one prompt I couldn't write in advance because it is the book I am currently reading. Well because I don't do things by halves I have a number of books … Continue reading 30 Day Book Challenge #Day 30

Hill Song

It's been yet another uneventful week for me as you might well imagine with my week consisting of gardening, walking the dogs and pretty much the usual household chores. Last week I was lamenting how the sunny weather was making the weeding a pain in the god damn arse, well about three minutes after posting … Continue reading Hill Song