30 Day Book Challenge #Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 in my 30 Book Challenge, today's prompt is "a book you didn't finish." This is slightly open to interpretation as it depends in what context you take "didn't finish" to mean. Is this a book you put down and never got back to? A book you left somewhere in error/had stolen/had … Continue reading 30 Day Book Challenge #Day 3

30 Day Book Challenge, Day #1

Today is Day One of my 30 Day Book Challenge. The prompt today is Favourite Book in a Series The series I have chosen is the steampunk alternative history series Burton & Swinburne by author Mark Hodder. The titular characters are drawn from real people in Victorian England and a health series of biographical details … Continue reading 30 Day Book Challenge, Day #1


Books have always been an integral part of my life ever since I learned to read, which admittedly was later than some of my peers, which I have aways put down to my complete lack of interest in the School Reading scheme of the time. I maintain that having an engaging source material is essential … Continue reading RDP: