When the Curtain Rises

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AdaHBoiU3Aw In terms of bravery I don't think that the heroic interpretation of the word will ever apply to me. I wouldn't say I was a coward, merely cautious and likely to take a calculated risk. However, if there was something I would like to brave on with it would be three written projects, namely … Continue reading When the Curtain Rises


Lost in the Desert

The feet are getting back into shape and l am looking less like someone cosplaying Philip Marlow, I have various steroid creams and what not to rub in and I am soaking my feet in Imolient in a washing basin and thus look like I am a man in the 1950s with a cold. It is … Continue reading Lost in the Desert


Well my first thought when I saw the word maybe as the prompt of the Brit pop anthem "Wonderwall" by the wannabe Beatles group  Oasis. So here is a Jazz version of the tune by the youthful West Midlands Jazz Ensemble "Second Line" fronted by the very talented and charismatic Pete Johnson with the maturity … Continue reading Wonderwall