Passing the Time with Godot

I've not really done a lot these last few weeks except feel tired a lot, as I said to Sian, when did I become the guy likes to have a half hour nap on his lunch break? I must be getting old. My sleeping patterns a bit off too and I seem to have permanent … Continue reading Passing the Time with Godot


The Only Way is Harley

The two faces of January have shown their identity again as the promise of a New Year fades to same old shit and the drudgery of the post Christmas period sets in. Wet, cold and miserable and full of the dreaded lurgy- and that's just the lucky ones. The end of the year I spent … Continue reading The Only Way is Harley


Well my first thought when I saw the word maybe as the prompt of the Brit pop anthem "Wonderwall" by the wannabe Beatles group  Oasis. So here is a Jazz version of the tune by the youthful West Midlands Jazz Ensemble "Second Line" fronted by the very talented and charismatic Pete Johnson with the maturity … Continue reading Wonderwall