The Festive Season Cometh

It's been a busy few weeks and as Yuletide approaches there has been a big change in the drinking habits of the Sandman, namely that aside from days off I am on the wagon and not having my after work pint, this is partially because I tend to finish late and at this time of … Continue reading The Festive Season Cometh


FOWC: The After-party

The term 'Food Coma' is a term which is going to used a lot soon. I first heard it when talking to Andrea many moons ago when she pretty much described Thanksgiving and Christmas Day as days in which she and her family ate themselves into "Food Comas". Now my immediate assumption was that who … Continue reading FOWC: The After-party


A-Ho ho ho Winter well and truly visited Shropshire over the weekend with a substantial fall of Snow, meaning your favourite Sandman very nearly became a Snowman... however Richard E Grant wasn't about to feed me some Victorian Street urchins so a Sandman I remained. Friday I received a morning message from Young Dan telling … Continue reading Drift