White Christmas

  Aside from the snow earlier this month, snowy Christmasses have been seldom. I can recall one White Christmas which was around 2010 and that was because it snowed the day before. The  problem was that I was working and being Christmas Day there had been no gritters out and the roads were incredibly slippy. … Continue reading White Christmas



January the 6th!   Seriously though, I think this year it is going out for Christmas Dinner on Christmas Day at the Ramada Hotel.  We seldom go out for a family meal and it will cut out on family stress for cooking the meal. It is for the second year in a row I am … Continue reading Anticipation


A-Ho ho ho Winter well and truly visited Shropshire over the weekend with a substantial fall of Snow, meaning your favourite Sandman very nearly became a Snowman... however Richard E Grant wasn't about to feed me some Victorian Street urchins so a Sandman I remained. Friday I received a morning message from Young Dan telling … Continue reading Drift


  My decorations tend to go up either Christmas Eve or 23rd December. I don't go excessive, I have a wreath on my door and I usually decorate the hall, living room and dining room which are the main places people will be visiting. The Tree goes up in the living room and Nutcracker's decorate … Continue reading Tinselitis