30 Day Film Challenge #Day 12

Welcome back to my 30 Day Film Challenge, today's prompt is a film that left you feeling confused. Well there are many ways to interpret this, and being the proud owner of a David Lynch movie collection, I have many films which are confusing. But I would say that these are intended to be confusing … Continue reading 30 Day Film Challenge #Day 12

30 Day Film Challenge #Day 11

Today's prompt is a film that made you cheer at the Cinema Erm... I haven't ever done that, at the Cinema or at home, is this a regular thing? The nearest I can relate to is something which might bend the concept of a film, as it wasn't exactly a film. On 23rd November 2013, … Continue reading 30 Day Film Challenge #Day 11


Friday I went to the Cinema, unusually I went to the Shrewsbury Cineworld as opposed to Telford, and I saw the new Dumbo movie which is by Tim Burton. It is ok, a bit Tim Burton-lite with many of his usual themes present but don't really dwelt up. I can't really compare it with the … Continue reading Downtime

10 Films

In response to Melanie's Ten Films Which Influenced Me post, which in term was inspired by The Haunted Wordsmith, So since I am not sure quite how "inspired" is to be interpreted here is my best shot. 1. Citizen Kane Yes I know it is a bit of a Film School Textbook answer but many … Continue reading 10 Films