The Return of the Discontinued Sandman

I am back after a nice week's break in Norfolk with my beloved and it was nice just to be able to spend a week with just her. We stayed in an Air BnB which was in West Runton very close to Cromer and Sheringham and a five minute walk from a beach. There was … Continue reading The Return of the Discontinued Sandman

I Guess I Will Have to Change My Plans

I am currently eating my lunch on my split shift and have got my Spotify discovery playlist running as I type this, as before I will not the tracks as I go along (Oh Look at Me Know- Lee Whiley, Bobby Hackett). The week got off to a very good start for me with a … Continue reading I Guess I Will Have to Change My Plans


Friday I went to the Cinema, unusually I went to the Shrewsbury Cineworld as opposed to Telford, and I saw the new Dumbo movie which is by Tim Burton. It is ok, a bit Tim Burton-lite with many of his usual themes present but don't really dwelt up. I can't really compare it with the … Continue reading Downtime

10 Films

In response to Melanie's Ten Films Which Influenced Me post, which in term was inspired by The Haunted Wordsmith, So since I am not sure quite how "inspired" is to be interpreted here is my best shot. 1. Citizen Kane Yes I know it is a bit of a Film School Textbook answer but many … Continue reading 10 Films