RDP: The Cross

"We are gathered here today to mark the passing of Lord Tanel, a fine upstanding employee of the Empire, a dedicated leader, and humble private Citizen," stated the Orator to the small but dedicated crowd. "As per request of the deceased there will be no eulogy, instead we shall commit his body to the stars … Continue reading RDP: The Cross

RDP: Darkness Falls

Midnight! Midnight in the Underground! It sounds enthralling and exciting and, perhaps, even romantic. The truth is the opposite, midnight in the Underground is much the same as midday in the Underground with anxious commuters waiting for their train to arrive sooner rather that later. Liz was waiting patiently on the platform of Mornington Crescent, … Continue reading RDP: Darkness Falls

YDWP: The Witch

"She doesn't look very powerful?" "No she doesn't and that is her secret of success." "But the other witches and wizards show themselves their power." "Amateurs and prima Donna's after the attention. She's the real deal, a harbringer of doom." "Why do you not do something about her?" "Balance, she keeps the others in check..." … Continue reading YDWP: The Witch