The Man-Cave

I've never had a study, a shed or man-cave. There hasn't been a real need for me to have one to date, in various relationships I haven't had the need as we had sufficient levels of space to continue on. If Pip was studying for her Post Grad I was usually working and when I … Continue reading The Man-Cave


The Island

When I was a spotty little 'erbert of a Sandman in my second year of secondary school, one of the main projects in English was dubbed the island project. The set up was for whatever reason, the class had won a competition to visit Australia or somewhere for a month and the plane crashed en … Continue reading The Island

The Secret of the Confessional One of the underrated and overlooked films in the filmography of Director Alfred Hitchcock is the 1953 film "I Confess", it stars Montgomery Swift as a priest who hears the confession of a murderer and finds himself the chief suspect in the murder investigation and has to prove his innocence without breaking his vows … Continue reading The Secret of the Confessional