The majestic beauty of the beach at midnight was enhanced by the soft glow of the torches on the beach hut, Liz looked out to sea and waited. He was late again, surely punctuality was a requirement of the service, she’d give him ten minutes more and then call it. She looked out on the … Continue reading FOWC:

RDP: The BSE Sandwich

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Sandwich Way back when I was a Sandman in training and in Year 9 part of the curriculum was Home Economics which included cookery and Textiles lessons. Textiles taught us lads the essential sewing skills we would need to survive bachelorhood and what these essential lessons were turned out to be quite … Continue reading RDP: The BSE Sandwich

YDWP: The Witch

"She doesn't look very powerful?" "No she doesn't and that is her secret of success." "But the other witches and wizards show themselves their power." "Amateurs and prima Donna's after the attention. She's the real deal, a harbringer of doom." "Why do you not do something about her?" "Balance, she keeps the others in check..." … Continue reading YDWP: The Witch