In Walked Bud

Not a huge amount has really happened personally since my last (proper) update. I finished off the HG Wells book "The Food of the Gods" last night and it was certainly an interesting read. It is a some what overlooked novel in his bibliography and while it certainly isn't a forgotten gem it isn't completely … Continue reading In Walked Bud

Ice Station Sandman

It has been another cold week with a bit of snow but nothing overly dramatic in my locale, it has mostly been too cold for snow though. The plus side there being I have been able to don the Gregory Porter hat to keep my lugs warm and just generally look awesome when walking in … Continue reading Ice Station Sandman

30 Day Doctor Who Challenge #Day 20

Welcome back to my 30 Doctor Who Challenge Day 20: A Who Related Fan-Site My choice is going to be A great resource for academic quality examination of various areas of Doctor Who, including an episode by episode overview of the 2005 series, plus the highly entertaining 50 Things articles. Of course there is … Continue reading 30 Day Doctor Who Challenge #Day 20