FOWC: The Crazy Gang

The Goons, all four of them. L-R Peter Sellers, Harry Secombe, Spike Milligan, Michael Bentine The Goon Show is considered a milestone in British comedy thanks to it's zany and off the wall brand of humour. It was also one of the first radio comedies fully embrace the medium of radio whether it being setting … Continue reading FOWC: The Crazy Gang

FOWC: Relocation

"This is where it was filmed, the Globe Inn." "Do you want to pop in and see if it is still the same?" "I don't know, I am nervous to." "Looks completely different from the windows." "Ok, we'll go in." "Afternoon, what can I get you?" "I'll have a mild and my friend will have … Continue reading FOWC: Relocation

FOWC: Adrift

Drifting. No engine power, no wind, no oars. The vessel floated aimlessly through the cold black endless night bathed in glow of the stars. How long it had been drifting no one knows, lost in time for eternity. The decks are lifeless but look ready to be lived in. A snapshot of life on the … Continue reading FOWC: Adrift


Adequate, pretty much describes my acting range. I am never going to be star material even in the Amateur Dramatics world, which is why I tend to go on the writing side of things. The question is, are my skills as a writer any better? Well hopefully we will soon find out... Fandango's One Word … Continue reading FOWC