Fibbing Friday 9th April

It is Friday, so it is lying time again: 1. What is a black hole? According to one of my Primary School Teachers it is a geographical feature of the city of Calcutta. 2. Why are we said to be green with envy? Because it is anger that makes you colour blind. 3. Where will … Continue reading Fibbing Friday 9th April

Fibbing Friday 2nd April

Frank is the host for today. Why is April Fools Day on April 1st? It isn't, it is on March 31st but people still fall for itAccording to the old adage, exactly what do April showers bring? A higher water rateWhat is a Haiku? A relaxing sound uttered after a couple of tokes. How did … Continue reading Fibbing Friday 2nd April

Fibbing Friday

1.   Where did the phrase ‘Out for a duck’ originate? It originated in the cartoon series Danger Mouse as the title of the episode which introduced the recurring villain Count Duckula2.   What is Duck a l’orange? A main course cooked by Donald Trump3.   Why do we yell ‘DUCK’ when something is likely to hit us? … Continue reading Fibbing Friday