The End of the Year Award

Wednesday Everything has stopped for Xmas. Xmas day and boxing day went well. Annie has invited me to an awards ceremony at the pub Friday evening. Spend the day looking at the rushes. Annie is still a bit pissed off that I used her field trip as a basis for the student and teacher to … Continue reading The End of the Year Award



Monday Annie's off on a field trip to Cornwall. I think they are stretching credibility with their chosen location for an English excursion. Surely Wessex for the Thomas Hardy connection or Stratford with Bard would be better. I think it is just an excuse for a few at the the seaside. Hope She has a … Continue reading Soliloquy


"Who is it?" Asked Sevenpenny cautiously. "It's Prince William," came a tort reply. "I don't think you have security clearance your Majesty," laughed Sevenpenny as she unlocked the door. Arthur strolled carrying a Gladstone bag. "What's in the bag?" Asked Sevenpenny. "Supplies for the next few days." Answered Arthur. "Arthur we a full larder already, … Continue reading Safehouse

A Foggy Day on the Yorkshire Dales

Situation Vacant: An opportunity has opened up for a retired volunteer, preferably ex-military or ex-schoolmaster, to join duo of retired gentleman. The position requires leadership and discipline as well as a good level of physical fitness. A strong tolerance to obnoxious odours is advised but not required. Local knowledge of the era and contemporary history … Continue reading A Foggy Day on the Yorkshire Dales