The Absent Arrival

Following a request or two I've putting up a sample of a short story I'm working on. This is still in the early stages of development so it may well change a lot. Please tell me what you think. The golden hue of the October sun was beginning to fade over the weathered brickwork of … Continue reading The Absent Arrival


The Old Gardener

The old man looked at his creation and smiled at his work. His time and effort had paid off and the garden was a sight to behold. It was simplistic yet lavish and the same time, stone walls were verdant with colourful floral growths, there were examples of topiary in many forms, flower beds were … Continue reading The Old Gardener


“How do I look?” Asked Sevenpenny modelling her Nun robes. “Like you broke the heart of every twenty something heterosexual male in the UK,” replied Arthur. “I’m sure they'll move on from the disappointment,” she laughed. Her demeanor changed. “I'll blend in?” “Yes.” Said Arthur. Sevenpenny found it very easy to mingle with the entourage … Continue reading Vespers