The Snows of Terror

That seems to be the headline theme running across the British News at the moment what with the Beast from the East and Storm Emma hitting our shores (don't them sound like they are part of a WWF Tag Team?) and what has resulted in mass hysteria across parts of the UK.... mainly because so … Continue reading The Snows of Terror



“How do I look?” Asked Sevenpenny modelling her Nun robes. “Like you broke the heart of every twenty something heterosexual male in the UK,” replied Arthur. “I’m sure they'll move on from the disappointment,” she laughed. Her demeanor changed. “I'll blend in?” “Yes.” Said Arthur. Sevenpenny found it very easy to mingle with the entourage … Continue reading Vespers


"....and hold it, riiight there." There was a click and a flash and the young photographer captured the image. "Now if you will just turn a little to your left..." She continued. The model moved slightly, he didn't realise how exhausting it was keeping still. The photographer captured another image, looked up from her equipment … Continue reading Development