3TC: Dealings

One-Ten wheeled her way across the front room scribbling something on her notebook, Arthur silently observed her while beginning to knit. "What colour trim do you want on your cardigan?" He finally asked. "Yellow of course," she snapped in a tone suggesting this should be obvious. "Ok," said Arthur. "Would you care to share a … Continue reading 3TC: Dealings


FOWC: The Property of a Gentleman (Deceased)

The mourners reached the lublic house in respectable time, Mum had left the logburner on a slow burn so the house was warm for them. Her eldest child Derek, had laid on a good spread and it was expected that the regulars would soon attend for the wake. It had been announced that the Barry's … Continue reading FOWC: The Property of a Gentleman (Deceased)

FOWC: Crackles

"INFORMATION: ION STORM PROTEAN WILL BE PASSING THESE SPACIAL CO-ORDINATES. NAVIAGTION COMPUTERS SUGGEST EVASIE ACTION TO AVOID DISRUPTION TO THE MAIN CIRCUITS." "Well," said Tanal. "You heard what Ftank said." "And?" queried commander Shore. "Are we going to follow his advice?" "Tanal," barked commander Shore, "the ship has been put on a strict mission by … Continue reading FOWC: Crackles


Arthur dusted himself off and picked up the charred remains of his costume, it'd had been fun being in fancy dress- he'd forgotten the joy of it. Occasionally the Job threw up these little forgotten perks and he was thankful for it. Sevenpenny had slipped her Red Riding Hood cloak around a shivering guest. She … Continue reading Epilogue