The Corner Shop

Arkwright sat on the chair waiting for her visitor, the store was officially closed now but she left the door open for the man's services. Her cover was that she'd be doing onsite paper work and was happy to be of service to anyone who happened to pop in. The man walked in whistling some … Continue reading The Corner Shop


Time for Tea

Reposting an opening for the Word of the Day Challenge: Tea


“Good afternoon noon sir,” beamed the waiter. “Have you made a reservation?”

“Indeed I have, the name Kesten Grenville.” Grenville said coldly.

The waiter checked his list and located the name on the list. “Oh yes sir, I see you are booked in for afternoon tea. Your guest has already arrived and is seated.”

“So I see,” stated Grenville as he scanned the restaurant.

“My I take your jacket?” Queried the waiter.

“A £12,000 jacket in the hands of a man who styles his hair with brylcream?” Barked Grenville, “I think you know the answer to that. I’m grown man, I think I am capable of having afternoon tea and not spilling it down myself.”

“Very good sir,” said the waiter guiding Grenville to the table. “Is this meeting  social or business?”

“Both.” Answered Grenville as he took his seat at the table. “I’ll take a pot of Earl Grey…

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The Miners

The sun was setting and the people of the night were beginning to stir. Their movements were slow but co-ordinated, once they had the first fix they would be ok. The overseer walked down the line presenting each with a bottle of blood. "This is your supply for the first quarter, consume it wisely." He … Continue reading The Miners