The Big Apple

"Ah New York, the city so good they named it twice," said the Doctor with a small giggle. "I didn't think we'd see it again, and so soon," Stated Vicki. "Well my dear the ship can be a curious piece of equipment at times," He rose a finger to his lip and paused, "I wonder … Continue reading The Big Apple

The Resident

Very few of the guests at Sweetwater Ranch have their accommodation booked by choice and fewer of them ever check out, at least not in the conventional manner. Today it was my pleasure to pay visit to one of the Ranch's more fabled guests, I checked in at the reception and made my way to … Continue reading The Resident

The West Wing

Tracy followed Krissy into her bedroom and was a little surprised that the room mostly reflected the decour of the main house with very little of personalisation, she guessed Lady Midnight really insisted on her heritage. "I'd have thought that you'd would add your own touch," Tracy said softly. "I'd love to, but I am … Continue reading The West Wing