A Foggy Day on the Yorkshire Dales

Situation Vacant: An opportunity has opened up for a retired volunteer, preferably ex-military or ex-schoolmaster, to join duo of retired gentleman. The position requires leadership and discipline as well as a good level of physical fitness. A strong tolerance to obnoxious odours is advised but not required. Local knowledge of the era and contemporary history … Continue reading A Foggy Day on the Yorkshire Dales


"Your always in such a hurry these days," sighed Sarah. "You weren't like this even when you were on the wards." "Things change," replied Liz wistfully stirring her tea. "It can't be healthy for you being constantly on the go. You barely have any down time, it'll come back  and bite you in the arse." "Well perhaps … Continue reading Dash


"Are you sure he went this way?" asked Inspector Parton exasperated. It certainly looked like a dead end to him. "Positive," answered Liz scanning the alleyway. "I distinctly remember those two barrels at the end of the ally." Parton crossed  over to the barrels and gave them an experimental push. Whatever they contained, they were full and couldn't have … Continue reading Cul-de-Sac