3TC: Byzantium

The first you will notice when you enter the Byzantium estate is the garden and your conduct upon it will determine how much more of the estate you are likely to see. Many years ago, the Earl of Storpington owned the estate and was beloved by many in the area, he was a generous and … Continue reading 3TC: Byzantium

3TC: Night Shift

The martian sky was setting and Wilson sighed as the Sun disappeared from the sight of the Plexiglass Aerodome which enveloped the colony, despite being on station for 6 months now he still hadn't got use to the idea of a Pink evening sky. He was only here due to a small error of judgment … Continue reading 3TC: Night Shift

FOWC: Adrift

Drifting. No engine power, no wind, no oars. The vessel floated aimlessly through the cold black endless night bathed in glow of the stars. How long it had been drifting no one knows, lost in time for eternity. The decks are lifeless but look ready to be lived in. A snapshot of life on the … Continue reading FOWC: Adrift