The Collection

"I see the collection is a fine one," said Liz looking at the many figures posed around. "You put Tussaud's to shame. They are all so life like." "My techniques have mastered over many years," said the Curator with a modest smile and pointed to the blonde lady perched on the window ledge. "She is … Continue reading The Collection



"Who is it?" Asked Sevenpenny cautiously. "It's Prince William," came a tort reply. "I don't think you have security clearance your Majesty," laughed Sevenpenny as she unlocked the door. Arthur strolled carrying a Gladstone bag. "What's in the bag?" Asked Sevenpenny. "Supplies for the next few days." Answered Arthur. "Arthur we a full larder already, … Continue reading Safehouse

A Foggy Day on the Yorkshire Dales

Situation Vacant: An opportunity has opened up for a retired volunteer, preferably ex-military or ex-schoolmaster, to join duo of retired gentleman. The position requires leadership and discipline as well as a good level of physical fitness. A strong tolerance to obnoxious odours is advised but not required. Local knowledge of the era and contemporary history … Continue reading A Foggy Day on the Yorkshire Dales


"Your always in such a hurry these days," sighed Sarah. "You weren't like this even when you were on the wards." "Things change," replied Liz wistfully stirring her tea. "It can't be healthy for you being constantly on the go. You barely have any down time, it'll come back  and bite you in the arse." "Well perhaps … Continue reading Dash