The Miners

The sun was setting and the people of the night were beginning to stir. Their movements were slow but co-ordinated, once they had the first fix they would be ok. The overseer walked down the line presenting each with a bottle of blood. "This is your supply for the first quarter, consume it wisely." He … Continue reading The Miners


Elemental Challenge 1: Air

Flower Power Cut By SandmanJazz, from a story by Micheal Storm and Sian Dilloway   It was the biggest event in Shrewsbury's calender: the Annual Flower show. The it was soon to be the grand opening and already the crowds were growing, the consession stands were raking it in. This year was a bit different, … Continue reading Elemental Challenge 1: Air

YDWP: The Witch

"She doesn't look very powerful?" "No she doesn't and that is her secret of success." "But the other witches and wizards show themselves their power." "Amateurs and prima Donna's after the attention. She's the real deal, a harbringer of doom." "Why do you not do something about her?" "Balance, she keeps the others in check..." … Continue reading YDWP: The Witch

Double or Quit

One-Ten trundled around the office impatiently, how much longer were they going to be. She clicked the intercom on her chair, "Miss Lime is there any message from Arthur or Julia?" "Sorry ma'am, not a sque.... Scratch that. They have just arrived." "Send them through at one," One-Ten barked. A moment later the door opened … Continue reading Double or Quit

Morning Mail

Liz showed the piece of paper to Dr Webster, "do you suppose it is genuine?" He studied the note, "well the penmanship suggested it was written in a hurry or under duress." He handed it back to her and scratched his chin thoughtfully. "It was slipped in with my morning correspondence," said Liz. "Perhaps it … Continue reading Morning Mail

3TC/Genre Challenge: The St. Bartholomew Caper

The Ruby sat on display in the case as a centre piece to the exhibition drawing attention to itself like a crimson lighthouse. An overweight American tourist was noisely chomping on a tray of cheese covered Tortilla chips and showering the exhibit with a dusting of crumbs. Gervase walked purposefully around the exhibition, his cane … Continue reading 3TC/Genre Challenge: The St. Bartholomew Caper