Hello faithful reader, I do hope you are well and have been busy- or at least as busy as the current circumstances allow anyway. It has all been a bit static and samey for me what with lockdown in full swing, but I guess it is the same for many more. I did toy with … Continue reading Static

A Sandman Up A Fir Tree

Well today was a lazy day in which I wrapped all the presents (during which I discovered that wrapping up a Cushion is a pain in the arse), wrote out my Christmas Cards and caught up with the various Christmas and Winter themed Jazz shows on BBC Radios 2 and 3. Jazz Record Requests was … Continue reading A Sandman Up A Fir Tree

Check In

On Monday 3rd August we celebrated my Nan's 95th Birthday and by means of celebration we had afternoon tea with Nan and Heather, Heather even baked some cakes for the occasion, with lets say "mixed" results. This was down to the oven at her flat not being particularly great so they weren't heating through properly. … Continue reading Check In