The Week that Was

First up, I will address the two sucky things which have happened this week, namely the deaths of Jazz singer Leon Redbone and the actor Paul Darrow. While the former only recently came on my radar, his contribution to the scene was amazing, his warm yet laid back vocal stylings were the ultimate in cool... … Continue reading The Week that Was


Mission to the Cinderford Unknown

I had a nice week off in which I visited my pal Alan down in Gloucestershire. He lives in Cinderford which is in the centre of the Forest of Dean (Dennis Potter country) and while the surrounding area is nice, the town itself is a bit run down. Alan and I have been corresponding with … Continue reading Mission to the Cinderford Unknown


Friday I went to the Cinema, unusually I went to the Shrewsbury Cineworld as opposed to Telford, and I saw the new Dumbo movie which is by Tim Burton. It is ok, a bit Tim Burton-lite with many of his usual themes present but don't really dwelt up. I can't really compare it with the … Continue reading Downtime