Relaxin’ at the Quarry

Bank Holiday Monday was surprisingly a day off for me, surprising because it was the day of the Bridgnorth walk, which is a charity walk of 22 miles raising money for a Dementia Charity. I was expecting to work because six of our staff were doing the walk, but I am not complaining and have … Continue reading Relaxin’ at the Quarry


First of the Summer Wine?

Well I am lying on my bed lying as Pip would put it, the wrong way round (switching position ever few weeks eases my back issues), contemplating things. Like "if ears were square, would the corners cut your pillow open?" Major philosophical points as you can tell... Friday afternoon I went to the Cinema to … Continue reading First of the Summer Wine?

Creature Feature

Remember them? Those classic B-Movies with dramatically alluring titles like "The Fly", "Attack of the Crab Monsters" or "It Came From Beneath the Sea" and usually involved some variety of enlarged insects or small animal, and while looking through the eyes of a modern day perspective look somewhat lame and corny, at the time- still … Continue reading Creature Feature