The Memory Man: The Final Chapter

The witching moment is due as the end of my escapades in Michigan reach their conclusion, the moment I've been running from for over half a decade but no more. I can't keep running anymore the end is nigh and finality has drawn upon me.... While we passed the youths Andrea nipped into the Royal … Continue reading The Memory Man: The Final Chapter

The Memory Man #9

Now I combining the rest of Thursday with the events of Friday as I don't recall a huge amount of details and I don't think a huge amount happened in the evening anyway. Thursday EveningNow this was the first time or possibly the second time that Andrea and Casey had visited their father for Thanksgiving, … Continue reading The Memory Man #9

The Memory Man

"Gather round, it's story time. Are you sitting comfortably? Good, then we'll begin..."- Watch with Mother BBC 1950's children's show.After a long time thinking about it, I thought I'd finally re-visit my original visit to Illinois and Michigan, despite the downbeat ending. So I'll put a little background detail here, a long time ago back … Continue reading The Memory Man