The Road

After a few days of not posting anything for no reason in particular, I'm back. Those of you who can should head over to the BBC Sounds app and jump to Radio 4 Extra and catch up Toby Hadoke's radio adaption of Nigel Kneale's lost television play "The Road". This is the story of village … Continue reading The Road

The Man and the Hour

Work has been, well work, slowing down a bit and for bizarre reasons young Mr Lewis and I seem to attract the mentalists into our section on a Sunday shift. The next few weeks are going to be hell, not just because of covid but because the road is closed for bridge repairs and the … Continue reading The Man and the Hour

Check In

On Monday 3rd August we celebrated my Nan's 95th Birthday and by means of celebration we had afternoon tea with Nan and Heather, Heather even baked some cakes for the occasion, with lets say "mixed" results. This was down to the oven at her flat not being particularly great so they weren't heating through properly. … Continue reading Check In

Hill Song

It's been yet another uneventful week for me as you might well imagine with my week consisting of gardening, walking the dogs and pretty much the usual household chores. Last week I was lamenting how the sunny weather was making the weeding a pain in the god damn arse, well about three minutes after posting … Continue reading Hill Song