Opening Time

Well the much speculated reopening of the Pubs happens here in Blighty on the 4th July (read into that whatever you want) so your sentimental Sandman will be pulling pints once more, albeit on reduced hours at first as the new regulations settle in and we get a better idea on how trade is going … Continue reading Opening Time

Piggy in the Middle

Another week has passed and I can honestly say that the pitter-patter of tiny feet has been echoing within my ears with the arrival of the two Guinea Pigs, both of whom are males and fair units. We got them from an adoption centre in Coalport which was located at a pub called the Brewery … Continue reading Piggy in the Middle

Hill Song

It's been yet another uneventful week for me as you might well imagine with my week consisting of gardening, walking the dogs and pretty much the usual household chores. Last week I was lamenting how the sunny weather was making the weeding a pain in the god damn arse, well about three minutes after posting … Continue reading Hill Song