An Entertaining Haul

Over the past few weeks I have been slowly adding to my music, books and film/TV collections. To celebrate 50 years of the Thames Television company, Entertainment publishing group Network put a sale on all the DVDs and Blu-rays which Thames produced shows and as such I took the opportunity to purchase both volumes of … Continue reading An Entertaining Haul


An Unexpected Pleasure

Due to the weather not being inclement on 8th June I found myself having  Sunday afternoon off and I made my way over to Jazz Club 90 in Albrighton to see the second set of the Sunday Lunchtime Jazz session, the band of the day was the excellent JB’s Jazz and Blues Band, a fairly … Continue reading An Unexpected Pleasure

The Song is You

People in relationships often turn out the cliché of "their song", a song which often is supposed to define and/or reflect the blossoming of the relationship or an expression of the relationship as it stands. Unfortunately from my perspective from the outside looking in it does seem that a large number of people show are … Continue reading The Song is You