Your Daily Word Prompt: Rainy

Looking out the window and it is indeed a wet and windy October day. So here's a couple of rain related jazz tunes. Stan Getz: Here's That Rainy Day Bob Wallis and his Storyville Jazzmen: Oh Didn't It Rain Joe Williams with Count Basie: Singing in the Rain Your Daily Prompt: Rainy


A Roaring Night in Oswestry

Gig Report for Jean Toussaint's Young Lions 29/09/18 at Hermon Chapel Arts Centre, Oswestry. It's been a fair while since I last attended a modern Jazz gig so when I saw this being advertised I made sure I had the time to go. Jean Toussaint is an alumni of the later period of Art Blakey's … Continue reading A Roaring Night in Oswestry

Bird of Prey

One of my heroes, like a lot of budding Saxophone players, was the late great saxophonist Charlie Parker who was one of the pioneers of the Bebop movement in the 1940s. Now quite when Bebop started is up for debate, some paint Coleman Hawkins' famous 1939 recording of "Body and Soul" as the beginning. Now … Continue reading Bird of Prey