The Road

After a few days of not posting anything for no reason in particular, I'm back. Those of you who can should head over to the BBC Sounds app and jump to Radio 4 Extra and catch up Toby Hadoke's radio adaption of Nigel Kneale's lost television play "The Road". This is the story of village … Continue reading The Road

The Man and the Hour

Work has been, well work, slowing down a bit and for bizarre reasons young Mr Lewis and I seem to attract the mentalists into our section on a Sunday shift. The next few weeks are going to be hell, not just because of covid but because the road is closed for bridge repairs and the … Continue reading The Man and the Hour

30 Day Album Challenge #Day 28

Welcome to the final furlong if my 30 Day Album Challenge Day 28: An Album by Your Favourite Band/Artist I don't have one favourite of either part of the prompt so here are a few with a track from each Miles Davis: Milestones John Coltrane: Giant Steps Jimi Hendrix: Are You Experienced? reading 30 Day Album Challenge #Day 28