First of the Summer Wine?

Well I am lying on my bed lying as Pip would put it, the wrong way round (switching position ever few weeks eases my back issues), contemplating things. Like "if ears were square, would the corners cut your pillow open?" Major philosophical points as you can tell... Friday afternoon I went to the Cinema to … Continue reading First of the Summer Wine?


Bright Young Things

Saturday 28th April proved to be a good evening in the fine company of a number of young Jazz Singers thanks to the second of two Jazz nights at the "In Good Hands Café" which is located on the Frankwell roundabout in Shrewsbury. The café is a small affair and quite intimate which is ideal … Continue reading Bright Young Things

The Song is You

People in relationships often turn out the cliché of "their song", a song which often is supposed to define and/or reflect the blossoming of the relationship or an expression of the relationship as it stands. Unfortunately from my perspective from the outside looking in it does seem that a large number of people show are … Continue reading The Song is You