The Summer Wino Tour Part Three

Part One Part Two I woke about 8:15 and did my usual morning ablutions and popped down for breakfast about quarter to nine. I had a bowl of cereal and again indulged in a full English Breakfast but this time opted for my Eggs to be Scrambled and had a nice pot of Early Grey … Continue reading The Summer Wino Tour Part Three


I Am Sure It Would Have Made Sense at the Time.

Back in my school days, particularly between years 5 and 8 (ages 10-13) I fancied myself as a scribe and would fill up excercise books up with various stories about... well anything... I think at one point I even wrote a "Carry On" about an inventor and his hapless lab assistant, though it wouldn't have … Continue reading I Am Sure It Would Have Made Sense at the Time.

The Island

When I was a spotty little 'erbert of a Sandman in my second year of secondary school, one of the main projects in English was dubbed the island project. The set up was for whatever reason, the class had won a competition to visit Australia or somewhere for a month and the plane crashed en … Continue reading The Island

Star Eyes

People talk about a twinkle in someones eye when they have a mischievous side to them, admittedly I've never spotted one. Maybe I don't spend enough time looking into people's eyes, I some how doubt the regulars at the Plume or general patrons elsewhere would be amused if I started staring into unsolicited eyeballs. I think there … Continue reading Star Eyes