Obligatory Post Named After A Jazz Song

I have my Spotify Daily mix 1 playing as I type, this list is very much swing era based and opens with Woody Herman's Orchestra playing "At the Woodchopper's Ball" which was pretty much their signature song. I called in at the Kynn the other day and a chap at the bar got us all … Continue reading Obligatory Post Named After A Jazz Song

A Hump Day Musical Interlude

A few bits of Jazz from along the spectrum  to liven up a Wednesday First up Yorkshire born guitarist John McLaughlin with the Mahavishnu Orchestra, a band which was the first of his bands with unpronounceable names https://youtu.be/gv_bkS5VVaA   Next up something  from the Trad boom of the 1960s with Terry Lightfoot covering an old … Continue reading A Hump Day Musical Interlude