3TC: Walking in the Evening

When I was younger one of my favourite sub-genres in film and television was the deserted cityscape. There was always that inticing level of eerie and unusual about a normally heavily populated area being empty and silent. The current situation has bought me to mind of this sub-genre and when I do my permitted daily … Continue reading 3TC: Walking in the Evening

Upton Jazz Festival 2018: Friday Part Three

Read the story so far, here, here and here After the somewhat suspect “On A Coconut Island”, which I will have to admit that I did find myself humming many years ago while doing the Island Cruise around Les Rocques on my first trip to Margarita, the band changed to a more traditional number which … Continue reading Upton Jazz Festival 2018: Friday Part Three


Would being a jovial man be an appropriate description of myself? I don't think so, while  I am not a total misery guts it would be fair to say I do carry a level of cynicism within me, you could say I am a lugubriously cheerful person. There are a number of people who I … Continue reading Smile