Avoiding the Limelight

I am fairly sure this one came up before. One thing I don't particularly enjoy is being the centre of attention, I prefer to sit on the sidelines and be a more wraith like individual. As you can imagine I was not particularly fond of Birthday parties. It is perhaps surprising that I did take … Continue reading Avoiding the Limelight


FOWC: The Notebook

As a creative person it would seem I have a few traits with Ernest Hemingway. No, I don't have a desire to go on Safari in Africa and shoot the animals (unless it's with a camera of course) or an obsession with Bullfighting. No, I share a similar habit of sitting in licensed premises and … Continue reading FOWC: The Notebook


Would being a jovial man be an appropriate description of myself? I don't think so, while  I am not a total misery guts it would be fair to say I do carry a level of cynicism within me, you could say I am a lugubriously cheerful person. There are a number of people who I … Continue reading Smile