NDRW: The Legend of Buddy Bolden

https://youtu.be/jvzyVrJV8yM Buddy Bolden (1877-1931) is something of a mythical legend in Jazz history. It is generally considered that he was the first Jazz musician and he was immortalised by Jelly Roll Morton in the song above. The thing is only one photograph of the man exists and there are no known records of his playing, … Continue reading NDRW: The Legend of Buddy Bolden


WofD: Food Songs

Some food related songs (allegedly): Fats Waller: Rump Steak Serenade https://youtu.be/-VhidlqZtKo Stan Kenton and his Orchestra: Shoo Fly Pie and Apple Pan Dowdy https://youtu.be/8uo-LGlo2d8 Dexter Gordon: Cheesecake https://youtu.be/hkyJQcmVtZQ Dexter Gordon: Fried Bananas https://youtu.be/J1lpVguArUQ Word of the Day Challenge: Appetite

Gig Report: Second Line Jazz Band @Jazz Club 90 4-11-18

Sunday 4th of November provided a youthful influx of Jazz musicians into Jazz Club 90 with the Worcestershire-based band Second Line which is fronted by siblings Pete and Rose Johnson and Matthew Hadden. The band partially originated in the Worcester Youth Jazz Orchestra and have been a fixture at the Best of Youth Jazz tent … Continue reading Gig Report: Second Line Jazz Band @Jazz Club 90 4-11-18