25 Day Christmas Challenge Day 15

Welcome back to my 25 Day Christmas Challenge, a bit of fun brighten up the doom and gloom that is the tale end of 2020. Prompt 15: Your Favourite Holiday Song Here's a few: Clare Teal: A Little Whisky. A Teal original featured on her Christmas Album Jing-Ling-a-Ling https://youtu.be/g31romGUHjg Louis Armstrong: Zat You Santa Claus??? … Continue reading 25 Day Christmas Challenge Day 15

The Man in the Wooly Mask

Another week in lockdown 2.0 has gone and it has been a fairly easy week, I have been catching up with Jazz Record Requests, Clare Teal's Swing Show and The Jazz Show with Jamie Cullum thanks to the BBC Sounds App. I have been downloading the various shows and listening to them while either taking … Continue reading The Man in the Wooly Mask

A Foggy Day

n true Bonfire Night temperature has dropped and fog is once more occupying the air reducing visibility and freezing skin, not that this has stopped the continual bombardment of fireworks the minute dusk descends upon these Salopian skies. The past few evenings have been full of screaming rockets, bangs and a lot of very distressed … Continue reading A Foggy Day

30 Day Album Challenge #Day 28

Welcome to the final furlong if my 30 Day Album Challenge Day 28: An Album by Your Favourite Band/Artist I don't have one favourite of either part of the prompt so here are a few with a track from each Miles Davis: Milestones https://youtu.be/erlKauAFwSw John Coltrane: Giant Steps https://youtu.be/QTMqes6HDqU Jimi Hendrix: Are You Experienced? https://youtu.be/Ll7w7Q1uIAkContinue reading 30 Day Album Challenge #Day 28