Share Your World 8th February 2021 In your opinion, do May/December (older partner with much younger partner) romances ever work? Well it worked okay for 'umpty go-kart and Lauren Bacall but I endeavor to suspect that was an example of the exception rather then the rule. I would venture to say that our opinions on the matter are possibly jaded … Continue reading Share Your World 8th February 2021

Idle Moments

I have a Spotify generated playlist on the headphones as I type, a cup of an own-brand malted milk on the side and a loudly snoring dog at my feet, so I am pretty relaxed. The problem with Lockdown is that it is getting increasingly difficult to find anything, of merit or otherwise, to fill … Continue reading Idle Moments


It has alway been a hope of mine that I could patch things up with my long lost American friend from years ago. I am in sincere that there is very definitely an Andrea shaped hole in my life, I so miss our late night talks on various internet messengers about Jazz and sci-fi. I … Continue reading 3TC