Sleepy Time Guy

Unsurprisingly Blighty is back in National Lockdown because the tier system was so wonderfully effective, they¬†should¬†have instigated lockdown from Boxing Day. Because of the lockdown regs it means that I won't be able to see Heather for a bit because despite her being in my social bubble where she lives will probably not be classified … Continue reading Sleepy Time Guy


It has alway been a hope of mine that I could patch things up with my long lost American friend from years ago. I am in sincere that there is very definitely an Andrea shaped hole in my life, I so miss our late night talks on various internet messengers about Jazz and sci-fi. I … Continue reading 3TC

The Memory Man

"Gather round, it's story time. Are you sitting comfortably? Good, then we'll begin..."- Watch with Mother BBC 1950's children's show.After a long time thinking about it, I thought I'd finally re-visit my original visit to Illinois and Michigan, despite the downbeat ending. So I'll put a little background detail here, a long time ago back … Continue reading The Memory Man