Radio Times

Back in my University Days one of my subjects while studying my degree was Radio Documentaries and as part of the course for my final project I had to pitch three documentary ideas. The three which I pitched were The Nat Gonella Story, which as the name suggests would have been a documentary on the … Continue reading Radio Times


Who Can I Turn To…? A question LTD postulates without words through music, although obviously the song has been performed many times by many artists with the haunting lyrics whether it be Sammy Davis Jr, Matt Monroe or Tony Bennett. However these are times when I beg the question who can I turn to? At the end of the … Continue reading Who Can I Turn To…?

What song???

Feel free to answer the questions yourself WHAT SONG...... 1) makes you think of your childhood? In a rather odd choice I would have to say The Chicken Song from Spitting Image and the B-side (I've Never Met) A Nice South African. Though the satirical nature of the two songs would have flown over my … Continue reading What song???