Not Cee’s Share your World 30th July 2018

Have you ever been in a food fight? I don't think so, nor have I ever witnessed one in real life to the best of my knowledge. I have however seen the aftermath of the world's messiest eaters over my years in the pub trade and one would think such an event had taken place. … Continue reading Not Cee’s Share your World 30th July 2018


Share Your World 16th July 2018

Since we are approaching the hottest part of our summer in the northern hemisphere, what’s your favourite ice-cream, frozen yogurt or sorbet flavour?   Oooh this is a toughie. I was always a fan of the 99s from the Mr Whippy vans (remember those?) and it somewhat amuses me that we have a Mr Whippy … Continue reading Share Your World 16th July 2018

What song???

Feel free to answer the questions yourself WHAT SONG...... 1) makes you think of your childhood? In a rather odd choice I would have to say The Chicken Song from Spitting Image and the B-side (I've Never Met) A Nice South African. Though the satirical nature of the two songs would have flown over my … Continue reading What song???