RDP: Fantasy World Dizzy

One of my favourite computer games when growing up was a platform puzzle game called Fantasy World Dizzy, which I played on my Commodore 64. This was the first Dizzy game that I brought and although the fourth game in the series, it was listed aa Dizzy 3. This is because one of the previous … Continue reading RDP: Fantasy World Dizzy

RDP: Detectives, Roald Dahl and the Rain

https://youtu.be/wcHxS7cLEjc Today's prompt word is Umbrella, and my immediate thought was of the old Umbrella Man song (featured above performed by Crazy Gang members Flanagan and Allen), which was featured in Dennis Potter's The Singing Detective starring Michael Gambon. This in turn made me think of his guest appearance in Tales of the Unexpected in … Continue reading RDP: Detectives, Roald Dahl and the Rain