30 Day Album Challenge #Day 28

Welcome to the final furlong if my 30 Day Album Challenge Day 28: An Album by Your Favourite Band/Artist I don't have one favourite of either part of the prompt so here are a few with a track from each Miles Davis: Milestones https://youtu.be/erlKauAFwSw John Coltrane: Giant Steps https://youtu.be/QTMqes6HDqU Jimi Hendrix: Are You Experienced? https://youtu.be/Ll7w7Q1uIAkContinue reading 30 Day Album Challenge #Day 28

30 Day Album Challenge #Day 20

Welcome back to my 30 Album Challenge Day 20: An Album from the 1990s. Meatloaf: Welcome to the Neighbourhood A great album which over the course of the album tells the story of a relationship across time from first dates, to getting together, breaking up, getting back in touch, and ultimately death. Highlight tracks for … Continue reading 30 Day Album Challenge #Day 20