"Are we going to alternate each auditionee?" asked Mrs Anderson. "I don't think that will be necessary," replied Artro the director. "Who's turn is it next?" "Matt Hartnell," answered Mrs Anderson softly. "Send him in," instructed Artro. Mrs Anderson called him and told him to get on with the audition. The young man performed the … Continue reading 3TC

3TC Second Audition

Mr Johnstone had brewed the coffees and placed them on the table. Mrs Anderson had just arrived and was sorting out her handbag. "Well?" he asked. Mrs Anderson smiled, "a bit flummoxed really. It was the second audition last night and I 'd be lying if I said it was uneventful." Mr Johnstone sipped his … Continue reading 3TC Second Audition


"Did you enjoy your theatre class last night? " asked Mr Johnstone. "It was a bit odd," replied Mrs Anderson. "In what way?" "Well we are auditioning for the next play," she blushed. "Oh prey tell..." "Well..." Mr Johnstone smiled, "go on." "Do you remember Matt Hartnell?" "Yes, he had a book published last year … Continue reading 3TC


The sun shone through the cracks in the window stirring Leslie from his slumber, he rolled over and reached his arm expecting to find his partner there. The space was empty, he smiled and pulled himself out of bed, put on his┬ádressing gown and headed to the kitchen unit. He boiled the kettle and made … Continue reading 3TC: