Cuba Diary 2014- Part Three

Continuing my Diary of my 2014 Cuba Trip Parts One and Two can be found Here and Here Thursday I woke about 7am in plenty of time for my excursion and did my usual morning ablutions and headed out to the restaurant for breakfast. I grabbed myself some bacon and eggs, a bit of cereal, … Continue reading Cuba Diary 2014- Part Three


Cuba 2014- Part Two

Part One Can Be found here Wednesday I was woken, somewhat red-eyed and bushy tongued, at about 9:45 by the maid knocking on the door to inform me the water would be off for a little bit as they were running Chlorine through the pipes in order to clean them. Lucky for her I had … Continue reading Cuba 2014- Part Two

Day Tripper

Southsea This little seaside town was the destination for a day trip with my lovely and divine looking best friend Katherine during the month of April last year. Despite being informed of bad weather it seemed that someone was smiling on us as the bulk of the day was blistering sunshine. Now Southsea owes a … Continue reading Day Tripper