5 Movies: Film Noir

Continuing my occasional series in which I recommend five movies which have a link between them. Last time I did 5 Alfred Hitchcock movies, this time I am going with film noir. 1. The Third Man (1949) Starring Joseph Cotton, Orson Welles, Alida Valli, Trevor Howard. Screenplay by Graham Greene, Directed by Carol Reed. UK … Continue reading 5 Movies: Film Noir

Fibbing Friday 16th April

It is time to lie to Frank What exactly is a “Five and Dime”? Six types of confectionary, five which are great and another one. What gets sold at a ”General Store”? Miniature high ranking solidersWhy are they called “Department Stores”? Because indoor markets sounded too plebeian What’s so convenient about a “Convenience Store”? Nothing, … Continue reading Fibbing Friday 16th April

It Happened in June part 1

Sharing a naughty antic of mine to a wider audience. Contains Strong language and sex references

All For Alderton

Towards the end of the first lockdown last year I received an email from a company through the theatre website asking if they could speak to (my name). I replied saying it was I who ran the correspondence so they were speaking direct, if it was personal to send it too my email address.

They did so and this was the general gist of what the email said:

Dear Mrs A,

We have seen your pictures on the website and one of our staff saw you in so and so production and we would like to inquire as to your thoughts on appearing in a film we are shortly going to be producing.

Now the mention of the play was significant because it was a play in which I appeared naked, so I suspected that I would involve me baring my breasts. The email continued:

We were impressed by your…

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Sales Man

Helping my local HMV on its day of reopening (Heather's bus was late so I needed to kill time), by purchasing a couple of films in the Criterion Film collection blu-ray sale. My film choices were a classic film noir (Mildred Pierce) and a Buster Keaton film (The Cameraman).