NDRW: Youthful

Came across an old CD Rom which had a number of photos from the intial production of Murder in the Manor and looking at them I thought two things. How young I looked, more youthful than my 21 years, and how bloody skinny I am. There I am emerging off set and onto stage to … Continue reading NDRW: Youthful


YDWP: Bashful

Your Daily Word Prompt: Bashful I am somewhat bashful in myself, I try to keep modest about my abilities and achievements. However when working on a pilot show I did get a little more forthcoming, well I had to in order to get it all in the can as it were. The script was written … Continue reading YDWP: Bashful


Books have always been an integral part of my life ever since I learned to read, which admittedly was later than some of my peers, which I have aways put down to my complete lack of interest in the School Reading scheme of the time. I maintain that having an engaging source material is essential … Continue reading RDP:

The B-Movie Quest is the Quest

Reblogging as part of the Word of the Day Challenge: Quest


My look at the first season continues with a look at the fifth story in the season: The Keys of Marinus, written by Dalek creator Terry Nation and directed by one-time only Doctor Who director John Gorrie.

For those of you of up on your Doctor Wholore you will have noticed that I skipped story four, Marco Polo,  and you probably know the reason why. For those out of the loop, Marco Polo is one the stories that was a victim of the BBC archive purge and no print of the story is known to have survived, an off-air sound track exists but I feel that since the story has no video to accompany the sound I cannot give an accurate and honest examination.

So, Keys of Marinus, is it any good? In short, no. It is the first real turkey of a story and is pretty much a…

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