WotD: Penance

When I was in my final two years year of Secondary School my school life was hell. Due to size reasons for the core subjects the year was split in two with Six Classes for each of the subjects and divided into ability, so two top groups, two middle and two remedial/bottom, as it had … Continue reading WotD: Penance


The Corner Shop

Arkwright sat on the chair waiting for her visitor, the store was officially closed now but she left the door open for the man's services. Her cover was that she'd be doing onsite paper work and was happy to be of service to anyone who happened to pop in. The man walked in whistling some … Continue reading The Corner Shop


Books have always been an integral part of my life ever since I learned to read, which admittedly was later than some of my peers, which I have aways put down to my complete lack of interest in the School Reading scheme of the time. I maintain that having an engaging source material is essential … Continue reading RDP:

The B-Movie Quest is the Quest

Reblogging as part of the Word of the Day Challenge: Quest


My look at the first season continues with a look at the fifth story in the season: The Keys of Marinus, written by Dalek creator Terry Nation and directed by one-time only Doctor Who director John Gorrie.

For those of you of up on your Doctor Wholore you will have noticed that I skipped story four, Marco Polo,  and you probably know the reason why. For those out of the loop, Marco Polo is one the stories that was a victim of the BBC archive purge and no print of the story is known to have survived, an off-air sound track exists but I feel that since the story has no video to accompany the sound I cannot give an accurate and honest examination.

So, Keys of Marinus, is it any good? In short, no. It is the first real turkey of a story and is pretty much a…

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