The Artist

"Just hold it there," said the Artist leveling up the prospective from his stand. He sharpened his pencil with a penknife and started to sketch. "Do you think it will sell?" Asked his model. "You are an exquisite thing my dear," cooed the Artist. "This will be a valuable addition to any collection of beautiful … Continue reading The Artist


DWP: One Night in Havana

I love this tune, it's by a Hoagy Carmichael Band and was recorded in the same session which proved to be the final recording session of the legendary Bix Beiderbecke. However the video link below is slightly misleading as Bix sat out on the recording of this tune. Now of course everyone knows Hoagy … Continue reading DWP: One Night in Havana

Enraptured Audience

In response to the Word of the Day Challenge: Enrapture. This is a repost of “your Daily Word Prompt” of the same word.


When Mrs A informed me she had joined my old theatre group just before Christmas I was amused. She was cast as half of a pantomime cow in the pantomime of that year, which was based on Jack and the Beanstalk but more had an element of The Goodies about it (the giant was played by a guy who was 5ft1 and had the immortal line “there is more to being a giant then size you know”) and as I was working I missed that performance.

I did however see her next play in which she disrobed on stage and while watching it I couldn’t help think, I hope none of her classes are here. I am not sure if they’d feel they were an enraptured or a captured audience….


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