The Imperial Hotel

The Imperial Hotel from the outside looks like someone decided to join a number of shacks halfway up a hill together to make one large building and rumour has it, that is exactly what did happen. Certainly the individual features of each part of the hotel would support this theory but the lack of the … Continue reading The Imperial Hotel


Daily Writing Challenge 8th December

Jubilation was rife in the air! Family's were out in force filling the central square, traders had set up stalls and Roasted Chestnuts, Mulled Wine, Beer and wooden toys were on sale. Those without children were linger near the beer tents and quaffing back tankards of beer and indulging in salty snacks. Slowly the Christmas … Continue reading Daily Writing Challenge 8th December

3TC: Dealings

One-Ten wheeled her way across the front room scribbling something on her notebook, Arthur silently observed her while beginning to knit. "What colour trim do you want on your cardigan?" He finally asked. "Yellow of course," she snapped in a tone suggesting this should be obvious. "Ok," said Arthur. "Would you care to share a … Continue reading 3TC: Dealings