Share Your World 23rd April 2018

If you could have an endless supply of any food, what would you get? Oooh that is a hard question. Does this mean I am only eating this item of food or is it just available when it takes my fancy? I am going to guess it is the later bit it is still no … Continue reading Share Your World 23rd April 2018


The Phantom Sandman of Old London Town 1

It was in the month of November in the year of our lord two-thousand and fifteen that the capital city of this sceptred isle become host to a series of sittings of a Shropshire based Sandman in various areas but most frequently sighted at the public houses of the names the Montague Pyke and the … Continue reading The Phantom Sandman of Old London Town 1

The Song is You

People in relationships often turn out the cliché of "their song", a song which often is supposed to define and/or reflect the blossoming of the relationship or an expression of the relationship as it stands. Unfortunately from my perspective from the outside looking in it does seem that a large number of people show are … Continue reading The Song is You