3TC: The Spirit of Django

"Who'd have thought 15 years ago we'd be sitting in a flash hotel for a champagne and Cavair breakfast," mused Jac. "Yes, 15 years ago we barely had a pot to piss in," countered Robyn hoping that this conversation wouldn't descend into version of the Four Yorkshire Men sketch. Jac took a sip from her … Continue reading 3TC: The Spirit of Django


3TC/Genre Challenge: The St. Bartholomew Caper

The Ruby sat on display in the case as a centre piece to the exhibition drawing attention to itself like a crimson lighthouse. An overweight American tourist was noisely chomping on a tray of cheese covered Tortilla chips and showering the exhibit with a dusting of crumbs. Gervase walked purposefully around the exhibition, his cane … Continue reading 3TC/Genre Challenge: The St. Bartholomew Caper