The Golden Poppy

While clearing out some old files I came across the first draft for an outline for a episode of a show called The Fallen which was about a former secret agent, down on her luck and trying to make ends meet as a PI. Here is the unedited outline tell me what you think The … Continue reading The Golden Poppy

Sexton Blake and the Three Thing Challenge

"The history of Crime Detection has produced no more famous name then that of Sexton Blake, here presented for you is a brand new case study by Michael Storm featuring Tinker and Pedro alongside Sexton Blake." It was most unusual for Sexton Blake to be late arriving at Baker's Street, but today was one of … Continue reading Sexton Blake and the Three Thing Challenge


“How do I look?” Asked Sevenpenny modelling her Nun robes. “Like you broke the heart of every twenty something heterosexual male in the UK,” replied Arthur. “I’m sure they'll move on from the disappointment,” she laughed. Her demeanor changed. “I'll blend in?” “Yes.” Said Arthur. Sevenpenny found it very easy to mingle with the entourage … Continue reading Vespers