RDP: Frost

Sunlight bled through the gap in the curtains causing Tim to wake from his slumber. He was still tired despite having had an exceptionally early night. He hadn't had that much to drink he was sure and it wasn't like hangover tiredness at all. Maybe it was the long busy shifts from the last month … Continue reading RDP: Frost


FOWC: Crackles

"INFORMATION: ION STORM PROTEAN WILL BE PASSING THESE SPACIAL CO-ORDINATES. NAVIAGTION COMPUTERS SUGGEST EVASIE ACTION TO AVOID DISRUPTION TO THE MAIN CIRCUITS." "Well," said Tanal. "You heard what Ftank said." "And?" queried commander Shore. "Are we going to follow his advice?" "Tanal," barked commander Shore, "the ship has been put on a strict mission by … Continue reading FOWC: Crackles

All at Sea

Ragtag Daily Prompt: Brace "Brace yourself," said the captain, "this is going to get rough." "Going to????" Asked Liz clutching the side rail intently. "How would you describe it so far?" "A winter breeze," answered the captain cheerfully turning the ship's wheel. "When you have sailed the seas as much as I have, you learn … Continue reading All at Sea


"....and hold it, riiight there." There was a click and a flash and the young photographer captured the image. "Now if you will just turn a little to your left..." She continued. The model moved slightly, he didn't realise how exhausting it was keeping still. The photographer captured another image, looked up from her equipment … Continue reading Development

Where to go next.

Those of you following the Adventures of Arthur and Sevenpenny in an unnamed Caribbean country I wish to heed some advice. Do I continue focused on our intrepid duo as they await the arrival of the contact, or do I start up the next strand of the story? Answers much appreciated. Ta Mr G