The Pilot Session

Saturday Meet Joan and the Bar Maid to discuss scripts for the pilot. Bar maid asks if she’ll get chance to be physical on screen. We go to Joan's little studio. It is cramped, but good enough for doing a few scripted pieces and a bit of improv. Bar Maid is a bit of an … Continue reading The Pilot Session

It’s A Wrap (fiction)

Friday It’s finally all in the can. Even Julia has relaxed towards the end of the shoot. I do wonder why PT was disappearing off studio. Now the nightmare of editing it together begins. Annie is busy registering an appeal with the board of Governors but I don't think it will amount to much. She … Continue reading It’s A Wrap (fiction)


Monday Annie's off on a field trip to Cornwall. I think they are stretching credibility with their chosen location for an English excursion. Surely Wessex for the Thomas Hardy connection or Stratford with Bard would be better. I think it is just an excuse for a few at the the seaside. Hope She has a … Continue reading Soliloquy